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We run the youngest, most efficient and innovative fleet on the road. The average age of a Celadon tractor is less than 2 years, compared with the industry average of 7. With the latest fully integrated aerodynamic and ergonomic design, each tractor is built to benefit not only the customer, but the driver as well. Celadon also operates one of the safest fleets in the industry. We have received the 1st Place -- National Fleet Safety Award, the industry’s most prestigious safety award multiple times. Celadon drivers know that they drive the youngest, safest, most technologically advanced and fuel efficient fleet in the industry. 

International Solo
International - Long Haul/Solo 
Wheelbase: 224.00, CA: 89.60, Axle to Frame: 53.00

International Day Cab
International - Day Cab 
Wheelbase: 171.00, CA: 99.35, Axle to Frame: 53.00

International Regional Tractor
International - Regional
Wheelbase: 207.00, CA: 89.20, Axle to Frame: 53.00
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