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Celadon has always recognized the powerful role that technology can play, and as a result, has invested in leading edge technology and system enhancements. As one of the first trucking companies to employ satellite tracking, today we continue to provide our customers the latest advancements. These include:   

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Computer-to-computer monitoring and management of shipments via exchange of shipping notices/load tenders, PODs, and invoices Click here for our list of supported EDI documents.    

Drop & Swap

If truck is delayed, our system automatically arranges for another truck to meet it and exchange the trailer, maintaining the delivery schedule.

Driver & Load

Decision support system evaluates all operational variables to match the right truck with your load


Satellite technology manages all dimensions of fuel efficiency in real time: excess idle time, out-of-route miles, and other factors affecting MPG.

Vehicle Security and Control

Anti-theft technology allows select tractors hauling high-value loads to be shut down remotely.


The latest generation of our online tracking tool, CelaTRAC, is more powerful than ever before. With CelaTRAC, customers benefit from online load tracking, service reporting, and POD retrieval. Now, with multi-user capability, a single-screen view to access multiple reports and documents faster, and an enhanced search function, CelaTRAC gives Celadon customers even more functionality.

Untethered Trailer Tracking Fleet

100% of trailer fleet equipped with an untethered tracking device allowing for enhanced security of cargo and providing you an optimized trailer pool.

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